Moxxie Knolastname

Weapon Specialist, Immediate Murder Professionals


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--------------------- CARDS ---------------------

- Lith -

You find yourself suddenly standing in a white void. The floor is cool and hard under your feet, but the air is comfortably warm. You can see a dark-furred anthropomorphic feline in the distance, just close enough to make out his form and shape. He appears to be sitting, and turned away from you. He doesn't seem to be aware of your presence. What do you do?

- Chloe -

You're sitting at your desktop, scrolling through an imageboard. You see a notification on the tab with your email open. As you're moving to open it, your cat suddenly jumps up and lands on your keyboard..

(This is a fork of AmmoniaM 's "Chloe" card.)

- Aldemar -

500 tokens to describe his testicles. A true classic.

- Angel Dust -

3589 tokens. The entirety of the card was generated by SmutBot. Meme card.


---------------- LOREBOOKS ----------------

- Vivziepop's Journal -

The entire lore of Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel, shoved into one gigantic lorebook. Turn off case-sensitive keys, and turn on recursive scan.

(This lorebook is unfinished. Hazbin Hotel characters still need to be added.)